About Us
About Us
TCS is a specialist logistics and customs clearance service provider handling all aspects of importation and exportation, customs clearance and compliance. TCS specialize in customs clearance service based on the lean process, risk elimination upon post customs clearance audit of HS classification, import export limits and tariff policies by customs authorities.

TCS provide consultancy services for import and export policies, taxes and duties exemption and relief programs for FDI projects in Viet Nam.

TCS provide compliant, timely, accurate and professional customs clearance service.

Our team members are well-trained and experienced specialist in the industry. We are proud to be one of your leading partners for customs clearance service.

We also provide customs clearance service for freight forwarders, supply chain service providers, distribution centers, couriers operating in importation and exportation.

We provide flexible, integrated, professional service for activities and processes like: customs clearance, handling, logistics and distribution.

We operate uniquely and neutral

We do not compete with freight forwarders. Instead we offer partnership and expertise, and our customs clearance service can benefit any logistics chain.
  • We offer customs clearance services. Our service help clients comply with import and export regulations while minimizing costly delays.
  • Our philosophy bases on simple processes, precise documentation standards for customs declarations and regulations compliance.
  • We offer timely, accurate, compliant customs clearance service.
We offer a fully integrated 3PL service for imports and exports- We are your one-stop logistics shop
We are specialists in our field, one of key elements to be your firm partner. You benefit from our extensive knowledge and experience.