Taxes and duties consultancy service

Taxes and duties consultancy service

Regulations for customs control on imports and exports have changed significantly from on-site clearance control to post clearance control. Inappropriate HS classifications, taxes and duties exemption, reimbursement claims upon during customs clearance process and the risk of price transfer control audit may lead to financial penalties which are harmful to business operations. Our professional team with 15 years working in the industry will help clients to build long term strategies for imports and exports compliance and practices.

We offer consultancy and customs clearance handling service for:
  • Duty exemption for Investment project
  • Temporary importation of Exhibitions
  • Temporary importation for repairs and other approved purposes
  • Re-importation of Vietnam-made goods/goods of Foreign Origin
  • Supply of ships’ and aircrafts’ stores for consumption on ships and aircrafts
  • Temporary importation for re-export
  • Bonded warehouse transshipment
  • Multi modal transportation for goods and vehicle procedures
  • Noncommercial purpose importation.
  • Post customs clearance audit handling service.