Customs solution consultancy

Customs solution consultancy

TCS offer consultancy service for clients who are structuring lean supply chain for daily operations. Our consultancy service focus on strategies for minimizing delays during the customs clearance process and optimizing the tax and duty accrued as well as utilizing the tax exemption program granted for business engaged in importations and exportations. Our consultancy service process includes:
  • Investigation: We scan, listen and gather data on the current process: personnel, documentation, customs clearance, pick-up, delivery to identify where weakness exists.
  • Evaluation: Review the current service provisions and processes and assess their effectiveness, stability, suitability, cost comparison.
  • Recommendations: Make recommendations without prejudice, on processes improvement, suggesting alternative for service providers, providing cost/price comparisons, tailoring a solution to specific requirements. Our independent recommendations will help to clarify client’s options and make better informed decisions.